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About Sweetwood Smoke & Co.

Sweetwood Smoke & Co. crafts the biggest meatsticks available anywhere in the country that are made with high-quality protein to satisfy big appetites that consumers can feel good about. They wanted to see an increase in their sales on Amazon and hired our agency to manage their Amazon ads, optimize their Amazon listings, and maintain their Amazon account's health.


Is to Update the Listing Content and Fix their broken Listings

The relationship’s primary purpose was to use AmpliSell's proven advertising strategies to reach the client’s target audience and encourage them to purchase their products on Amazon. In addition, the client’s listing content needed to be updated, and their broken listings required fixing. The client wanted to see a significant increase in their sales on Amazon.


We implemented strategies that aimed to enhance their brand visibility

To address the client’s goals, AmpliSell utilized proven strategies through a third-party tool called Helium10, combining AI-trained software with human expertise and removing underperforming strategies from their Amazon Ads account. Simultaneously, we optimized their Amazon listings in order of highest priority to lowest priority. We targeted relevant keywords in their product titles, descriptions, and bullet points, highlighted benefits over features, and created branded and appealing product images. We also repaired all broken listings in Amazon Seller Central.

From May through June 2023, Sweetwood Smoke & Co.’s sales were up 20% over where they were from March through April 2023.

In June 2023, Sweetwood Smoke & Co.’s sales were up 19% over May with 13% more ad sales with only 3% more ad spend, serving 19% more impressions, driving 7% more clicks, a 34% increase in orders, and ACOS dropping 3% points and TACOS dropping 2% points.

Sweetwood Smoke & Co. saw a 91% year-over-year increase in sales for May through June 2023 compared to May through June 2022.


Impressive Sales Growth for Sweetwood Smoke & Co. in May-June 2023

The results of the relationship have been impressive. AmpliSell has grown the client’s sales by 34% after just two months of working together. The client’s listings have improved and they are selling more products than before. The increase in sales is a testament to AmpliSell’s strategic advertising campaigns and impressive research and design capabilities.

Sparkies Team

  • Brady Tieland - Brand Manager
  • Roger Yee - Demand Planner
  • Julie Cai - Content Manager
  • Fatima Garrido - Brand Analyst


Successful Partnership and Future Prospects with Sweetwood Smoke & Co.

Overall, AmpliSell has been able to help Sweetwood Smoke & Co. achieve its goal of increasing its sales on Amazon by deploying highly optimized Amazon ads, optimizing its Amazon listings, and fixing broken listings. We’ve worked closely with the client to understand their pain points in the past with Amazon, their goals for their future in the marketplace, and their expectations for working and entrusting an agency with their brand. The success of this relationship thus far proves the importance of developing strategic Amazon campaigns, having optimized and intact listings, and not continuing to run advertising campaigns that are not working. We thank Sweetwood Smoke & Co. for their positive feedback and look forward to continuing to work with them and future clients to achieve similar results.

“It’s so refreshing getting to work with the team at AmpliSell. Their attention to detail, transparency, and communication are unmatched. Those qualities together make it easy to cover ground fast and helped us get our Amazon account on track with where we know it should be. We’re excited to see how much further we can take our growth this year and beyond!”

Annie Brunner
Director of E-commerce at Sweetwood Smoke & Co.

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