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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, Brady Tieland, Brand Manager at AmpliSell, knew his clients would need to be prepared for the increased traffic and conversion rates that sellers expect on this historically busy shopping weekend. As an Amazon Seller, your expectations for sales during the holidays are inevitably higher, and understandably so. To see those record-breaking sales come through the door, Tieland knew his clients needed to stand out among competitors not only through efforts made in previous months but also through temporary discounts and promotions.


Tieland achieved these results by working with clients and partners to set up prime exclusive discounts for eligible products and set up sale prices for products that were not eligible. Tieland had already worked to establish and maintain a well-rounded advertising funnel that maximized ad placements and customer touchpoints. In addition, he and others on the AmpliSell team had worked to optimize all of his client’s listings. Tieland took these strategic steps to set the brands up for success on a weekend that has historically shown increased traffic and conversion rates. Tieland also checked daily on his client’s campaigns to ensure they had enough budget to cover the increased traffic and search demand.


Overall, Tieland’s clients saw an average daily increase in sales of 245.23% compared to the rest of November, and a 131.91% increase in daily advertising impressions compared to the rest of November.


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