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DC Sports is a Louisiana-based company that offers products for most popular sport compact vehicles.

DC Sports signed with AmpliSell in June 2022 with the goal that many of our clients have: to grow their brand on Amazon and increase their sales. DC Sports had transitioned from Seller Central to Vendor Central and sought strategies to help boost its growing brand on Amazon.


DC Sports faced several challenges, such as Amazon Vendor Central controlling prices and the Buy Box on several ASINs. Another challenge was for products that were winning the buy box, their ad placements across the Amazon channel were poor, and with the stellar reviews and previous sales of their products, it was vital to ensure they had a rounded-out advertising funnel. A rounded-out advertising funnel is essential when growing your brand on Amazon, but it can be challenging.


Set minimum and maximum prices together to achieve target margins, drive efficient brand sales for DC Sports for Amazon to sell through inventory, and grow DC Sports through products that were winning the buy box consistently by expanding the advertising funnel.

Step 1:

Determine which products Amazon had inventory for on hand and roughly how many units. We want to ensure these products are featured in campaigns that will spend regardless of winning the buy box.

Why? To push customers to our branded listings regardless of the winning seller to drive sales, grow the brand, and decrease Amazon inventory at Vendor Central.

Step 2:

Determine which products Amazon and resellers would not be able to win the buy box on, and begin creating an optimized advertising funnel in terms of placements for these products to grow our account profitably.

Step 3:

Adjust and optimize! As Amazon sells through their inventory, begin to ensure the advertising placements for that ASIN are set up to capture sales effectively and continue to expand and test new campaigns and placements to find scale opportunities for our products.


For about six months, one of AmpliSell’s Brand Managers, Brady Tieland, worked to ensure that DC Sports’ products started taking up prime real estate on Amazon through sponsored ad placements. Researching keywords, monitoring their MerchantSpring account each week, adjusting bids as needed, and sending monthly reports to keep DC Sports updated were just a few things Tieland did. By taking these steps, the DC Sports brand was able to serve more impressions to its target customers and improve its organic rank through paid sales.

Through working with AmpliSell, DC Sports saw a $13,773 average sales increase MoM and a $68,869 total increase in sales for June through October.

AmpliSell spun a poor Vendor Central relationship into a growing Seller Central, brand-controlled account to ensure long-term success for DC Sports.

While growing an average of $13,773, average sales increase MoM with keeping the total advertising cost of a sale (TACOS)  under 10% to ensure profitability.

Tools & Systems we Used

  • MerchantSpring
  • Helium10
  • Amazon Search Query Performane Reports
  • Amazon Brand Analytics
  • Keepa


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