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Altus Brands

Altus Brands offers the finest outdoor sporting equipment, from superior hearing protection to reliable weapon storage and accessories.


Altus Brands is the umbrella company of Pro Ears and BenchMaster; the former sells electronic hearing protection, and the latter sells rifle rests, pistol storage, and rifle storage devices. Altus Brands signed with AmpliSell to grow and scale on Amazon and increase their sales on the e-commerce platform. To do this, our team knew Altus Brands would need a significant improvement of the content on their listings, including better images, copy, A+ content, and more. In addition, they needed better advertisement placements to get their products in front of the right shoppers.


How We Did It

Brady Tieland, a Brand Manager at AmpliSell, has worked continuously on helping Altus Brands grow their brand on Amazon and increase sales. The results have showcased that he’s done precisely that, but not without the help of AmpliSell's content team led by Julie Cai. Tieland led efforts to ensure that Altus Brands served more impactful impressions to its target audience and pushed customers through the marketing funnel. Simultaneously, he and Cai worked to optimize Altus Brands’ titles, images, videos, and A+ content to increase conversion rates and showcase the products and brand in a way that builds trust and establishes expertise.

The team made sure that any content included on Altus Brands’ listings did not breach Amazon’s guidelines and made the necessary changes if it did. In addition, our content experts created eye-catching images and wrote copy optimized for SEO and benefits-driven. When taking on either task, they also considered questions shoppers had and were leaving in reviews and made sure to address them in the content. By taking these steps, AmpliSell’s team of experts has continued to see historic, impressive results.


After signing with AmpliSell to grow and scale their Amazon channel, Altus Brands has seen an average sales increase MoM of $10,979.75 and a total increase in sales for May through October 2022 of $54,898.74.


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