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Prolux Vacuums is a company consisting of USA engineers and vacuum experts that design vacuums specifically for the US market with enough ripping power to suck the core from the Earth. They wanted to launch a new product line on Amazon to tackle the canister backpack vacuum market. Through their existing partnership with AmpliSell, they approached us with their goal to help them have a successful new product line launch that captured market share from competitors while focusing on profitability.


The project’s primary purpose was to leverage Amazon’s marketing and third-party tools to create and execute a sophisticated new product line launch plan. Specifically, the client wanted to maximize sales of their new product line and gain market share profitably out of the gate.


To address the client’s objectives, our agency outlined and followed a sophisticated launch plan that involved creating branded content for the product listings and performing keyword and competitor research. We worked meticulously to find gaps in the market where we could capture market share. In tandem, we worked closely with the client to ensure that they had a good offering that would allow them to stand out from the competition. When everything was ready to go live, we launched the new product line on Amazon following Amazon’s requirements and guidelines.


The results of the project were astounding. In the first two months after launching the new product line, we made $237,598.27 in sales. We got the newly launched products on the first page of the Amazon search results organically and in sponsored placements for "backpack vacuum,” which has continued to drive sales. The high volume of sales is a testament to the effectiveness of the launch plan and the quality of the products.

Amplifiers Team

  • Brady Tieland - Brand Manager
  • Roger Yee - Demand Planner
  • Julie Cai - Content Manager
  • Fatima Garrido - Brand Analyst


Overall, our agency was able to help Prolux Vacuums achieve its objective of maximizing sales and gaining market share through a successful new product line launch on Amazon for a backpack canister vacuum. We worked closely with the client to develop a sophisticated new product launch plan that addressed their specific requirements and goals. The success of this project highlights the importance of creating branded and optimized content that will appeal to customers, performing keyword and competitor research to target their audience and go after their competitors, and following Amazon’s guidelines and requirements. We thank Prolux Vacuums for their positive feedback and look forward to helping future clients achieve similar results.

“AmpliSell is great because they know Amazon like no one! We still have to provide some of the more complicated data around our product, but when it comes to Amazon connections and scaling with ads, they are the pros for that. The thing I like the most about AmpliSell is they are 100% aligned with our goals. Most agencies we have used over the years have their own company goals and policies they follow, and they normally don’t align with our goals. However, with AmplISell, they are 100% in line with our goals which has been great.”
Dustin Chaffin
CEO at Prolux Cleaners

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