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Prometheus Lights

Prometheus Lights delivers best in class design and performance in every product category.


Prometheus Lights raised over 130k on Kickstarter to develop their first flashlight in 2013. Since then, Jason, the founder, produced several successful launches on Kickstarter. Between new product launches and product design, Jason didn't have time to manage his Amazon channel. Prometheus flashlights had been listed and the reviews were stellar, but sales were stagnant. He needed help to increase impressions and drive sales on Amazon.


AmpliSell evaluated its current Amazon strategy and created a low-cost, high-return strategy to grow sales. We learned their brand story, evaluated the competition, and researched keywords to create listings that would sell. We re-wrote all of their copy and added additional content-rich media, such as infographics and videos. We updated their listings front and back to take full advantage of the Amazon algorithm and put their products in front of the right customers. As a result, Sales were UP 294% over the next year!

Check out the video below to see how one of their top products ranks #2 on mobile for their core keyword search!

Click for a listing example.



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