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Gaines Family Farmstead

Gaines Family Farmstead is a family-owned and operated premium, American made, all natural, dog treat company.


Gaines Family Farmstead had launched on Amazon, but immediately ran into a wall. Their current agency was charging exorbitant rates and not driving results. Gaines had been unable to get their product trademarked and into Brand Registry. Thanks to a lack of Brand Registry, they couldn't add A+ content to their listings or run video ads to capture market share. Product wasn't moving and the listings weren't complete.


We took over their account and immediately got to work enrolling them in Brand Registry. We utilized the new Amazon IP accelerator program to get them into Brand Registry while their trademark was still in review. We uploaded their beautifully designed content to the listings and launched video ads to help them capture new to brand customers. We also turned them on to the Subscribe and Save program and after only a few months they had their first 50 subscribers.

Check out the video below to see their video ad in action, the stunning A+ content and happy reviews (we also ran a review strategy for them.)

Click for a listing example.



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