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Auntie Nono’s, a family-owned brand based in Charleston, carries an unparalleled legacy of taste and quality in the South.

The brand's roots trace back to the 1970s when Auntie Nono, a family woman passionate about cooking, discovered an incredible blend of seasonings at a local shop in rural Ohio. This unique concoction was so versatile that it worked on "truly... EVERYTHING”. Over time, these delightful blends became hard to come by, and the current brand owners took it upon themselves to create their seasoning based on Auntie Nono’s favorite blend, turning a passion project into an iconic brand.


Despite the popularity of their products and the love customers had for their seasonings, Auntie Nono's faced a significant challenge. The lower price point of their products, coupled with the costs associated with third-party warehousing, Amazon fees, and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), was eating into their profitability. Marketing efforts and agency expenses further consumed a significant portion of their profits. Despite the challenges, a bright future awaited the brand if it could attain profitability and chart a new course.


In response to this challenge, Auntie Nono's partnered with AmpliSell to help, and a four-pronged strategy was deployed:

Downscaling Marketing Efforts

All external advertising and social media activities were paused, leaving only Amazon and the brand's website as the primary platforms for selling the products. Pulling all brand levers on Amazon was key, such as internal engagement campaigns and Subscribe and Save.

Adoption of Amazon Buy with Prime (BwP) and Multipack Software

The Amazon BwP button was installed on their website, and another software capable of managing MCF and multi-pack orders was deployed. These solutions allowed Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to become the sole fulfillment option for the brand, eliminating expensive fees associated with the 3P warehouse. Amazon Buy with Prime also boasts an increase of 25% of Direct to Consumer site conversions, and the brand is only charged 3% instead of the regular 15% referral fee for these conversions.

Virtual Bundling

Instead of creating physical gift packs at the 3P warehouse, virtual bundles were established on Amazon.

Enrolling in FBA Small and Light

All eligible items were enlisted in Amazon's Small & Light program, which further reduced fulfillment costs.

Full Scope Management

AmpliSell worked with the brand to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and trained our staff to manage all daily tasks and customer service across Amazon and Shopify, further scaling back labor costs.


The brand's profitability dramatically improved following the implementation of these measures.

  • They now ship directly from the manufacturer to FBA warehouses at a Small & Light rate, effectively reducing their COGS by half.
  • Their year-over-year profits jumped from -23% to a positive 10% in the first month following implementation.
  • The brand also saw a 30% increase in its monthly subscriber base, leading to a rise in the number of brand followers and returning customers.

Today, Auntie Nono's seasonings are celebrated across the South and beyond, available at the touch of a button. This is more than just a seasoning - it's a legacy, a story of love and dedication, and a brand that has carved a unique place in the hearts of the southern people.

Tools & Systems we used

  • Amazon Buy with Prime Button Implementation
  • Webbee - Amazon Fulfillment MCF
  • Shopify & Gorgias App for Customer Service
  • Amazon Seller Central; Internal Customer Engagement Campaigns, Subscribe n Save, Small & Light Program

Sparkies Team

  • Tammy Duchow - Brand Manager
  • Roger Yee - Demand Planner
  • Martina Cardelli - Admin
  • Josephine Mabute - Brand Analyst


“Partnering with Tammy and the team at AmpliSell made all the difference in achieving profitability on Amazon. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to expand our customer base and make a significant contribution to our bottom line.”
Xavier Meier
Auntie NoNo’s
Director of Operations

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