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As an Amazon seller, you want your products to appear on the top of the Amazon SERP (Search Engine Results Page). One way to improve your product's visibility is by optimizing your backend keywords. Backend keywords are search terms that Amazon uses to index your product, making it more discoverable. In this post, we will share 6 tips to help you choose valuable backend keywords for your Amazon products.

1. Start with an Amazon SEO Checklist

Before diving into backend keywords, it's important to have a comprehensive Amazon SEO checklist. Your Amazon SEO checklist should include optimizing your product title, bullet points, description, and images. By optimizing these elements, you will improve your product's chances of ranking higher in the Amazon SERP.

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2. Research Your Competitors

Researching your competitors is a great way to identify potential backend keywords for your Amazon products. Look at the titles, bullet points, and descriptions of your competitors' products. What keywords are they using? Which keywords are they ranking for? This information will help you identify high-value keywords that you can use in your backend.

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3. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific and descriptive search terms that are more likely to attract high-intent customers. Using long-tail keywords in your backend will help your product appear in more relevant searches. For example, instead of using the keyword "shoes," use "running shoes for women with high arches."

SEO on Scrabble letters

4. Focus on Relevance

It's important to use backend keywords that are relevant to your product. Avoid using keywords that are not related to your product or using keywords that are too broad. Using irrelevant keywords can harm your product's visibility and may result in a lower conversion rate.

5. Use Keyword Tools

There are several keyword tools available that can help you identify high-value backend keywords for your Amazon products. These tools will help you find keywords that are relevant to your product and have a high search volume. Some popular keyword tools include MerchantWords, Jungle Scout, and Helium 10.

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6. Monitor and Update Your Amazon Backend Keywords

Finally, it's important to monitor and update your backend keywords regularly. Amazon's search algorithm is constantly evolving, and your competitors are always looking for ways to optimize their products. By monitoring your backend keywords, you can identify new keyword opportunities and update your listing to stay competitive.

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In conclusion, choosing valuable backend keywords is an essential part of Amazon SEO. By following these 6 tips, you can identify high-value keywords that will improve your product's visibility and increase your sales. Remember to start with an Amazon SEO checklist, research your competitors, use long-tail keywords, focus on relevance, use keyword tools, and monitor and update your backend keywords regularly. Happy selling!

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6 Tips for Choosing Valuable Amazon Backend Keywords
Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin is a seasoned Digital Marketing Specialist with AmpliSell. Graduating from Texas State University in 2019, Kelly quickly made a name for herself in digital marketing, seamlessly merging innovative strategies with tried-and-true practices. At AmpliSell, she has been instrumental in boosting the digital footprints of the business, leveraging cutting-edge tools and data-driven insights. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kelly is keenly interested in emerging tech trends and dedicates herself to continuous learning. When not immersed in her work, she can often explore the latest social media trends or attend digital marketing conferences to hone her craft further.

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