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What’s going on with Google Analytics?

Universal Analytics will stop collecting web engagement data on June 30, 2023. Google Analytics 4 will be Google’s only web analytics platform after July 1, 2023. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new methodology for collecting data, requiring businesses to set up a new property, not just upgrade their existing Universal Analytics account.

What happens to current Google Analytics integrations?

Native integrations between GA4, Search Console, and Google Ads will all need to be turned on again in your GA4 property. Suppose you have a 3rd party tool currently integrated with Universal Analytics. In that case, you will need to figure out if and when that tool provider is releasing a tool that will allow you to incorporate it with GA4. GA4 does not copy your remarketing audience.

Google Analytics 4 Features & Benefits

  • Cross-platform tracking
  • Complete user journey tracking
  • Advanced analysis
  • Big Query integration

Why hire a professional to migrate your business to GA4?

A professional can:

  • Understand and determine what you need to measure
  • Setup GA4 to collect data that matters to you
  • Validate tracking is setup correctly
  • Visualize GA4 data in a dashboard
  • Train you and your team on Google Analytics 4
  • Provide coding knowledge to explain Big Query
  • Correctly configure and interpret new metrics
  • Accurately compare UA to GA4 metrics
Labyrinth Digital's website trends dashboard

What are the risks associated with relying on Google to set up GA4?

Google is automatically updating accounts to GA4, but there are risks involved with allowing them to take the wheel on this:

  • Google is only planning to migrate a few basic settings meaning the migration may not be complete
  • Google is only migrating certain conversion events and tags
  • Google support is often lacking
  • Suboptimal or incorrect integration with Google Tag manager
  • Forces old event structure instead of leveraging the power of new structure
  • Leaves out newly available information
  • Lose the opportunity to re-evaluate and validate current measurement
  • GA4 is in ongoing development; new features and recommended changes are being continuously updated
  • Default settings only collect the minimum amount of data

eSpark partners with Labyrinth Digital for Google Analytics 4 migrations. Click here to reach out to our partner for help with GA4.

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